The Path

Sandhya had lots of free time and sufficient resources. She had her entire life in front of her, being only thirty-two. What she didn’t have was the knowledge of what to do with her life. She thought and thought about it but couldn’t come up with anything. There were no natural dreams that she wanted... Continue Reading →


Some places feel like home. Abhaya had never found hers. As she stared absent mindedly at the people passing by on the busy railway platform, she wondered if some people lacked the capacity to experience belongingness anywhere in the world. Was there something missing in her? Probably, she thought. The train that had brought her... Continue Reading →

The Guide

Long, long ago, when Drishti had lost everyone she was attached to in the world, she had made a choice. From that day, she was to accept all that came to her unasked without discrimination and all that did not was not to be sought. “That which comes of its own accord liberates, that which... Continue Reading →

Exalted Love

“Great love is never justified. It’s like the little tree that springs up in some inexplicable fashion on the side of a cliff: where are its roots, what does it feed on, what miracle produces those green leaves?” - Wislawa Szymborska Indeed, what justifies the love of the great women of Indian mythology, Sita, Sati... Continue Reading →

The Ascetic

Suresh rested his head on the grass, adjusted his body and looked up at the night sky. So here he was at last, doing what he had always wanted to do but been too timid to try. Now that he had lost his job and it was impossible to go back home to his wife,... Continue Reading →


Shruti had always sought freedom, though she had never been conscious of it. She had come out of one sphere of involvement after the other over her 35 years of life. She could stick with no obligation for long. People had often called her irresponsible and an escapist. But it had never quite made sense... Continue Reading →


Ananya looked out of the window on her left. The bus was passing through a dingy part of the city at a crawling pace. She felt irritated and restless. She was carrying both a book and her earphones with her but did not feel like reading or listening to music. After a while, she began... Continue Reading →

The Uncomfortable Truth

Sometimes, it can take years and years of your life before you can begin to see how deluded you have been about yourself, the people in your life and the world around you. And one fine day it all flashes across your inner eye and has you so disconcerted you would rather not look at... Continue Reading →

The Seeker

There are times when we struggle to find a direction in life. Sometimes, those times can seem to cover most of our lives. Some of us, perhaps, are born seekers. No matter what we do, where we go, who we meet, we don’t seem to enjoy the feeling of connection for long. Life tugs at... Continue Reading →

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